Is a Tankless Toilet Right for Your Bathroom?

Jul 3, 2019

When it comes to bathroom fixtures, deciding on the right toilet is an important decision. In recent years, tankless toilets have gained popularity due to their water-saving capabilities and sleek design. In this article, we will explore whether a tankless toilet is the right choice for your bathroom.

The Benefits of Tankless Toilets

Tankless toilets, also known as flush valve toilets, operate without a traditional water tank. Instead, they rely on a direct water supply connection. Here are some of the key benefits of installing a tankless toilet in your bathroom:

1. Water Efficiency

Tankless toilets are designed to be highly water-efficient, helping you to reduce your water consumption and lower your utility bills. Unlike traditional toilets that use a large amount of water with each flush, tankless toilets offer different flush options, allowing you to use less water for liquid waste and more for solid waste.

2. Space Saving

One of the major advantages of tankless toilets is their compact design. Without a water tank, tankless toilets take up significantly less space compared to their traditional counterparts. This makes them a great choice for bathrooms with limited square footage or for those looking for a minimalist, uncluttered aesthetic.

3. Ease of Cleaning

Tankless toilets are easier to clean compared to toilets with tanks. With no hidden crevices or tank mechanisms, these toilets offer a smooth surface that can be easily wiped clean. This makes maintenance hassle-free and ensures a hygienic bathroom environment.

4. Modern Design

Another reason to consider a tankless toilet is the modern and stylish design they bring to your bathroom. With sleek lines and minimalist features, tankless toilets add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any bathroom decor.

Considerations for Installing a Tankless Toilet

While tankless toilets offer numerous benefits, there are a few considerations to keep in mind before making a decision:

1. Water Pressure

Due to the absence of a tank, tankless toilets require a consistent water pressure to function optimally. It is important to ensure that your plumbing system can provide sufficient and steady water pressure to avoid any potential issues with flushing.

2. Initial Investment

Tankless toilets tend to be more expensive upfront compared to traditional toilets with tanks. However, the long-term savings on water bills and the durability of tankless models often make up for the higher initial investment.

3. Installation Complexity

Installing a tankless toilet may require professional assistance, especially if modifications to your plumbing system are necessary. It's recommended to hire a qualified plumber who is experienced in tankless toilet installations to ensure proper setup and avoid any potential complications.

4. Availability and Compatibility

While tankless toilets are becoming more popular, they may not be as widely available as traditional toilets. It's important to check the availability and compatibility of tankless models with your existing plumbing setup before making a purchase decision.


In summary, tankless toilets offer several advantages such as water efficiency, space-saving design, ease of cleaning, and a modern aesthetic. However, it's essential to consider factors like water pressure, initial investment, installation complexity, and availability before deciding if a tankless toilet is right for your bathroom.

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