Westwater | Drinking Water Systems for Lake Havasu homes and businesses

Because the water tastes so terrible, a drinking water system in Lake Havasu is almost a necessity. Don’t waste money on bottled water! Westwater offers:

  • The new, innovative LINX® drinking water treatment systems offering Great Taste – Less Waste®
  • Reverse osmosis (RO)
  • Ionizer water filters

To meet you drinking water needs.

With LINX or RO:

  • You can have bottled water quality in your home and business without the bottles
  • RO is a tried and true technology
  • RO is very effective at treating water by reducing TDS and removing any taste and odor LINX provides same healthy quality drinking water but with additional benefits

LINX is the first new technology in the POU market in over 30 years (since RO). LINX stands for electrically regenerated ion exchange. It removes contaminants by ion exchange using electricity – without using any chemicals. To regenerate it just automatically reverses the polarity. LINX offers significant advantages compared to RO:

  • Better at reducing TDS, removing any taste and odor and other contaminants to produce great tasting drinking water
  • Uses 30 times less water than RO to produce the same amount of drinking water – saving you money on your water and sewer bill.
  • Dial-A-Taste® feature allows you to leave more (or less) minerals in your water to suit your taste
  • The computerized system keeps you informed of system status – is it time to change the filters, is everything functioning properly, etc.
  • Water Savings in Perspective

Regeneration of LINX uses only 1.2 gallons after producing 1.5 gallons of great tasting drinking water for a 56% recovery rate on Lake Havasu City water. (The recovery rate is over 70% on lower TDS feed water.) Contrast this with RO which claims a 25-30% recovery rate. But that isn’t the whole truth. The 25-30% recovery is in a lab under conditions that never exist in the home – exactly 77 degree water, 50 psi water pressure and most importantly NO TANK. A tank is essential with RO or you will wait forever to fill your water bottle. A typical 5 gallon bottle operation recovers 60% of the water using the rest to wash and rinse bottles and in water treatment depending on what they are doing.

Water conservation using LINX is well documented. Much has been written about RO water usage including:

  • “Once the RO product water storage tank was filled, the system operated with a recovery of about 2.5% thereafter if modest amounts of water were removed from the storage tank at a time (for example, to fill a single glass of water).” – Kuepper, Water Conditioning &Purification magazine
  • “An RO unit delivering 5 gallons of treated water per day may discharge 40-90 gallons of waste per day to the septic system” – Bergsrud, Selig & Derickson in an Ag. Extension publication
  • “Most reverse osmosis systems waste as much as 20 gallons just to produce one gallon of product water.” – Josh Hanford, Watts Industries (a manufacturer of RO)

At these rates an RO could be costing you $7-10 per month on your water and sewer bill that could be saved with a LINX system.

LINX technology comes in either an under the counter model or a free standing water cooler model that is very popular for the office and work environment. Imagine how much more environmentally friendly a LINX cooler is in your office compared to bottled water or an RO treatment system.

Ionizers are increasingly popular with people who subscribe to the theory that we would be healthier if we drank high pH water to counteract the high acidity in our diets and life style. Westwater offers 2 ionizer models for consumers who want this quality of water. Ionizers work best if the water is first treated with LINX or RO technology.

Rent or Buy

Whether you rent or buy you will have the best products and service that Westwater has to offer.

The benefits of renting include:

  1. Affordable monthly payments
  2. No maintenance or repair costs – ALL service work is included in the low monthly fee
  3. Turnkey set-up and installation
  4. Choose from a variety of products to meet any need and fit any space
  5. Opportunity to upgrade to new products
  6. 24 hour emergency service