Lake Havasu’s Water Situation


Lake Havasu City’s water comes from the Colorado River and groundwater under the influence of surface water. We have a “4th priority river right” which means that we are last in priority among all Colorado River water users – after the Central Arizona Project water for Phoenix and Tucson, the California Aqueduct that delivers water to Los Angeles and the farmers near Blythe, Yuma and in Imperial County and Mexico.

So we have a limited supply that can be subject to cutbacks which means we have to use every gallon we have wisely.

Point of entry (POE) and point of use (POU) water treatment systems can be a BIG water user if you are not careful:

  • Water softeners need to be programmed to minimize water use during regeneration
  • Reverse osmosis systems can be particularly wasteful if they are not in proper working order – GET YOUR’S SERVICED BY A QUALIFIED TECHNICIAN FROM A GOOD COMPANY EVERY YEAR
  • New technologies can provide the same great tasting water (and better) with far less water waste

Lake Havasu City is currently undertaking an extensive (and expensive) upgrade to the municipal wastewater treatment system and the cost to homeowners and businesses is going up dramatically. Do your part to minimize future expansions by conserving every gallon of water you can.

Why Softwater?

Lake Havasu water is very hard – typically 17 grains per gallon or more. A grain is about an aspirin of dissolved calcium and magnesium in one gallon of water. These minerals will not hurt you but they cause several other problems:

    • It costs up to 25% more to heat hard water as compared to heating softwater – heating the water in your home is the second biggest user of energy in a home in Arizona (after air conditioning)
    • Tankless water heaters fail quickly on hard water due to scale buildup and most manufacturers void their warranty if the tankless heater is used on water that has over 5 grains of hardness
    • You will use 75% less soap and cleaning products IF you have softwater
    • Hard water causes spots on glasses and dishware
    • Hard water causes scale to build up on plumbing fixtures and faucets
    • Your hair, skin and clothes feel better if you use softwater

We strongly recommend a water softener particularly to help in water heating for your home. If you don’t have a water softener, drain your water heater regularly to reduce scale buildup to keep it operating as efficiently as possible.

Why A Drinking Water System?

Lake Havasu water is high in total dissolved solids (TDS) and thus doesn’t taste as good as bottled water or other “treated” options. The majority of homes have a drinking water treatment system to reduce TDS and any residual chlorine to make the water taste better. A good drinking water system eliminates the need to buy bottled water at the store.